By BBC Newsnight’s Caroline Walker.

    Folextractors have been around for a long time and they are a popular cleaning tool with homeowners and renters alike.

    But in recent years they have started to take on a new meaning.

    The most popular are the “lomac” or “folextracted” carpet cleaners, which use steam to clean your carpet and other surfaces.

    They are a bit of a novelty, but you might have noticed they are available on the shelves of your local supermarket or in your local drug store.

    These carpet cleaners use a vacuum, which can be quite effective.

    It is a very effective way to clean carpets and you can buy a set in a couple of weeks.

    But if you are thinking about buying one, you might want to check the label to see if it is suitable for your house.

    The Folexpractors Websites Folexs, the company that makes these carpet cleaners has launched a new website, called Folexes, which offers the cheapest and most reliable option for carpet cleaning.

    It does not use any chemicals, unlike the carpet cleaners on the internet.

    The website has an extensive list of available Folexy products, which include some very basic ones like the lomac carpet cleaner and a small range of cleaners called the green carpet cleaner.

    Foles have also recently launched a small line of cleaners that you can order from the company’s website.

    They include a cleaning gel, a foam cleaner and an acid cleaner, which will give you a scrubbing and a cleaning effect.

    If you are looking for the best way to do a clean, try these simple options.

    Lomac Cleaner – This is the cheapest option.

    It costs around £8.95 at the Foles website.

    The gel cleans the carpet and the foam cleaner will give a cleaning action.

    You can use it to scrub the carpet, and the acid cleaner will work on other surfaces, such as wood floors.

    It has a shelf life of two weeks and is made from a plastic, plastic-like material.

    You will need to have a lot of towels and a rag handy to do this.

    If the cleaner does not work on your carpet, there are two ways to get rid of the carpet.

    You could get a carpet scrubber or vacuum cleaner.

    Both of these are cheap options, and you could even buy a vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning yourself.

    The Green Carpet Cleaner will cost around £13.95.

    It works on any surface and has a life of one week.

    This cleaner has a foam brush, which you can use to scrub a surface.

    It will also work on wood floors and other hard surfaces, so you can scrub them without the need to use a carpet cleaner to clean.

    This foam cleaner is made of plastic and has an energy-saving technology.

    If your carpets are hard and sticky, you can rub the foam against the carpet to remove the carpeting.

    But you can also use a towel to scrub away the carpet on hard surfaces.

    You do need a carpet cleaning brush to clean hard surfaces because you can’t use a sponge to do it.

    There are two kinds of foam cleaners.

    The one you get at the end of the tube has a small foam brush which will clean a surface, like carpeting, but it is not as effective as the foam brush used on the other side.

    The other kind of foam cleaner you can get at home depot has a larger brush which is designed to clean harder surfaces, like carpets.

    This one has a metal handle and a brush that will work against hard surfaces like carpeting.

    This is a cheaper option, but not as good as the Lomax foam cleaner, so if you decide to use one, make sure you get the one with the smaller brush.

    LOMAC CLEANER (Lomac, UK) This is not a foam cleaning brush but it has the same functionality as the Folexx foam cleaner.

    You buy it from home depot for £11.95, which is around the same price as the green carpet cleaner.

    It can be bought at a home depot.

    You then use the foam cleaning gel to scrub around your carpet and the water-based cleaning gel will also scrub the carpets soft areas.

    The foam cleaner comes in a bottle, which costs £7.50, which means it is a good option for home maintenance.

    It also comes with a handy shelf life and you get two cleaning times for the same amount of money.

    You get a cleaning brush as well, but if you have carpets that are sticky, it is cheaper to buy the smaller foam cleaner as it will scrub away more carpet and not leave the hard areas sticky.

    Green Carpedo – This foam cleaning pad comes with two cleaning cycles, so it is good for soft carpets, such in carpets with large holes or in carp


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