NEW YORK — Red carpet dresses have a new life.

    Lowes, a high-end department store chain, is releasing a line of low-cost red carpet gowns for $2,499.

    “The idea behind the new Red Carpet Collection was to create a range of products that you would not find at other retailers that are designed to be the ultimate in luxury and functionality,” said Jill Sperling, the company’s senior vice president of sales.

    The new line of dresses includes a black velvet red carpet, a lace red dress, a satin red carpet dress, and a satine gold carpet dress.

    These are priced at $3,799 and $3-5,499, respectively.

    Sperling said the new collection was created to address customers’ needs and is geared towards women with a more formal style.

    This is not a dress for everyday wear.

    It is a dress that is designed to meet a specific occasion,” she said.

    She said the collection is the culmination of an extensive search and research process.

    To celebrate the new line, Lowes will launch a red carpet party at its New York flagship store, the Lowes store on Fifth Avenue.

    For the red carpet to be worn at a party, the party must be at the Lowels store and it has to be in person.

    We are excited to bring back this iconic product to the red carpets and be a part of this new and exciting chapter in our company history,” said Jennifer DeMint, the retailing executive who is leading the campaign.

    High-end stores will be able to purchase the dresses from the LowES website and have them delivered to their stores.

    There are also limited quantities available through Lowes’ online store, as well as in select department stores.

    Lowes has been working with fashion designers for years to develop a range that is unique and affordable.

    The company is partnering with designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Vera Wang to create the new lines.

    Red Carpets will be available in the US on Sept. 6 and in Europe on Sept 12.


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