As Australia’s new Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull has vowed to overhaul the country’s carpet industry, which he says is the “number one pain point” for Australian expats.

    The Government is also investing $500 million in a carpet manufacturing company in Melbourne’s inner west.

    But how do you choose between a carpet made by a local carpet company or the carpet made in China?

    And what’s the best price tag on a carpet?

    Mr Turnbull will address the Australian Institute of Oriental Research (AIOR) annual conference on Tuesday.

    The Prime Minister will say that the Government will invest in a national carpeting program, to create thousands of jobs.

    But in recent months, the Government has spent heavily on its own carpeting investments, and some locals have criticised the Government for being too close to carpet companies.

    According to the Government’s own numbers, only around 2 per cent of the carpeting made in Australia is exported to other countries.

    But the Prime Minister’s comments have been met with scepticism by some Australians.

    “This is a carpeting industry that is still struggling with a lack of funding and is under pressure to do better,” said former Australian National University carpet expert Dr John McLean.

    In his keynote speech, Dr McLean will describe the carpet industry as “the number one pain points” for expats in Australia.

    Dr McLean told ABC News that it is “completely disingenuous” for the Government to criticise the carpet business.

    He said it is important to note that carpeting is not only a luxury item but also an essential part of Australian life.

    “[It’s] a way of life, a way to connect with our country and the way we do business,” Dr Mclean said.

    ‘Not the problem’The carpet industry has been hit hard by the Government and the Government seems to be trying to push the carpet companies away from Australia, he said.

    But some locals also believe the Government is putting a lot of pressure on carpet companies to deliver.

    Australian Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner Mike Latham told ABC Radio Melbourne that the government had “a responsibility” to “protect the integrity” of Australian businesses.

    “We want our domestic carpeting companies to be successful,” he said, adding that the AFP has been working to improve the quality of carpets in Australia and overseas.

    “If we are going to protect Australian businesses, we want our international carpeting businesses to be success.

    Mr Turnbull will also tell the audience that he will introduce a new national carpet industry strategy in the coming months.

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