NFL owners will decide next week whether to increase the NFLPA’s annual salary cap from $5 million to $10 million.

    The cap-raising measure would boost the salary cap to about $120 million by 2020, which would mean teams would make more money than ever before in the NFL.

    It will be the biggest salary cap increase in the league’s history, and one of the biggest in NFL history.

    The cap increase was proposed by NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith in September 2014, but it was not approved by owners.

    The NFLPA says the new salary cap is necessary because players and coaches are paid more than ever.

    Smith has said the cap should rise from $10.3 million to at least $12 million, and the league will vote next week to increase that number to $12.5 million.

    Smith said the new cap will not impact the NFL Championship Game, which is played at Wembley Stadium in London.

    But the NFL will require players and their representatives to sign a new contract with the union to ensure they don’t exceed the salary ceiling.

    Under the current salary cap, players have to make $5.9 million, which can be increased to $6.5 or even $7.5 if they play in at least 10 regular-season games.

    The current salary-cap limit is $9.2 million, but players who have been on the roster for 10 games in a season will get an additional $5 and a half million.

    The new cap is $10M.

    If owners approve the salary-limit increase, players who are in the regular season at the end of the season will earn an additional one-third of the $5M cap increase, and they will get a maximum of $4.5M in guaranteed money, according to the union.

    The league said the salary increases would also bring the average salary in the salary pool to $2.85 million per team.

    The union estimates the cap will rise to $16.4 million by the end and $19.8 million by 2022.

    The increase in salary cap would also make the cap more competitive with other sports.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that the league is seeing the rise in salaries from sports such as basketball and soccer.

    In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Goodell said he would be “pleased” if players and the union reached an agreement before the season starts, which kicks off Sept. 15.


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