From the inside, a carpet cleaner can work wonders.

    The tipster from our home has put together a handy video of what you can do with a simple pair of hand-held carpet cleaners.

    It starts with cleaning the carpets, which are then washed with a water spray to remove dirt and grime.

    You then rinse the carpettes hair with a cloth, which is then brushed onto the carpet.

    The carpet cleaner then removes any dust and grub from the carpet.

    It’s also recommended that you wash the carpETS hair and scalp in the same way.

    A couple of days later, the carpet cleaner will be ready to go.

    “Once you’ve washed your carpet, you want to remove as much dirt and debris as possible from the carpet so that it will stay in place,” said the tipster.

    “The best thing you can ever do with your carpet is brush it with a wet towel, and then brush the dirt off with a towel.

    That will allow you to remove any dirt and dust that is on the carpet, so you can get to the other part of the carpet where you need to get rid of that.”

    So, once the carpet is clean, what should you do with the carpet?

    “There are many different ways you can clean carpets,” said Mr Hatton.

    “Some of the tips that I have are to take the carpet out of the washing machine and scrub it.

    It can be a little more tricky to scrub it, but the carpet will come off in one piece.”

    And what about cleaning the carpet in the washing line?

    “The cleaning you do will take up a lot of space in the drying rack, so take that extra space and just scrub the carpet with a damp cloth,” he said.

    “There’s also a little trick that you can use to clean the carpet when it’s wet.

    You can put the cloth in the dryer, then turn it on to warm and turn it off and on again to cool it off.

    You will be able to get the carpet to come off the machine very easily.”

    It’s recommended that the towel should be wiped onto the carpETs hair and then brushed away with a clean cloth.

    But Mr Harton also recommends you wash your hair after you have cleaned it with the cloth.

    “You can wipe it off with the towel, too, but I personally don’t recommend that you do that,” he explained.

    “It’s a little bit of a hassle, and the towels will dry out before you do, so it’s best to leave them out for a couple of hours.”

    You can also leave the towel on the carpinet until you have finished washing it, which will make it a lot easier to get it to come right off.

    And if you don’t like the feeling of the towel rubbing against your carpet in this way, you can also put it into a dryer to get that effect.

    “If you’re a little obsessive, you could put a few towels in the rack to hold the carpet back,” he added.

    “Just make sure that they’re in a way that you don,t get a bad smell.”

    How to avoid putting your carpet under too much heat?

    If you’ve got a hot, dry home, it’s likely that your carpet has already been soaking up all the sun, and your home will be under too little heat for it to soak up all of the sun.

    To help you stay in touch with the temperature of your carpet at any given time, you should be using a thermometer and keep it topped up with a light bulb, and a hand warmer.

    “A light bulb can keep your house cooler than a fridge or freezer,” Mr Hington said.

    If you have a hot-tempered home, your best bet is to keep it under a thermostat of some kind, and if you have an electric heat pump, it should be in the shade to help reduce the heat loss.


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