Gardeners, landscapers and landscapers have long been thought of as two different groups of workers who have different preferences for carpets.

    A recent study suggests that the distinction may not be quite as cut and dry as people think.

    Researchers from the University of New South Wales found that people’s preferences for different types of carpets may be more nuanced than people think and may be influenced by their own specific preferences.

    They also found that preferences for each type of carpet differed by gender and age.

    The researchers say this is likely because there is a lot of research out there showing that gender and sexual orientation play a role in how people perceive and perceive the quality of carpet, or “basket” they choose.

    Gender and sexual identity The researchers recruited people who were either male or female and then asked them which types of carpet they preferred and then what type of flooring they would prefer for a home.

    They then compared the preferences of the participants with their own household preferences and found that both men and women chose carpet types that were similar to their own preferences.

    The results suggest that there may be a lot more variation in people’s preference for different kinds of carpet than previously thought, and that this variation is likely related to gender and other factors.

    The research team says this study may help clarify how preferences for a particular carpet or flooring can change as a person matures.

    For example, the researchers say that it may be that gender or sexual orientation can play a bigger role in people choosing carpet types than previously believed.

    And while the researchers found that women’s preferences were more similar to men’s than they were to men, the gender and racial groups differed, too.

    “For example, we found that black women were more likely than white women to choose carpet types of black, white and light colored.

    However, we also found a gender difference in this,” said lead researcher, Dr. Jyoti M. Nambiar, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology.

    “The research also suggests that gender, and particularly, sexual orientation, may have a greater influence on people’s perceptions of carpet quality and preference than people thought,” she added.

    “We hypothesize that this gender difference is partly due to differences in the way that people have developed preferences over time for different carpet types, particularly light and black, versus carpet of other colours, such as white, pink, yellow and orange.”

    The researchers also found evidence that gender also influenced people’s willingness to purchase different types and levels of carpet, and their willingness to buy different kinds and levels from the same seller.

    Women were less likely to buy carpet with different levels of decoration and colour, compared to men.

    “This finding suggests that it is not necessarily a matter of people choosing different types or different levels, but of the way in which they have evolved,” Dr. Nombiar said.

    “It may be this sense of difference that may be influencing people’s attitudes towards carpet types.”

    The findings may have practical applications for home renovation, which may require the installation of new carpeting or floorings.


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