The Marine Corps’ largest carpet cleaning company, Marine Floor Cleaning, is taking on a new challenge.

    Its cleaning robots are being tested to scrub a carpet in less than a minute.

    It’s part of a new wave of carpet cleaning technology that the company is bringing to the military.

    “We have this robotic carpet cleaner that we’re using to scrub carpets in a lot of different places, and there’s been a lot about this, and the Navy is kind of the first one to do this, said Chris Kresser, president and chief executive officer of Marine Floor.

    Kresser is a former Army lieutenant colonel and Marine Corps veteran who’s worked at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for the past decade.

    He’s seen firsthand how robotic carpets can get dirty.

    The robotic carpet cleaners use an array of sensors and actuators to determine how much space is left over in a carpet before they start scrubbing.

    Kressers team has worked with the Navy to test the carpet cleaners in the Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center, where the Army uses its ships.

    Kressinger said the Navy and Marine Floor have a lot in common.

    They both rely on humans to perform basic tasks, like pulling out the carpet from the floor.

    The Navy has had carpet cleaning robots for over a decade, but the Army has been the first to integrate the robots into the fleet.

    The Marines will use the robots at their Navy base in the coming months.”

    When they put them on the floor, they’re not going to scrub it very well, they’ll probably just make it a little bit dirty, but that’s what they’re doing,” Kressler said.

    The Army is the first service in the world to bring the robots to the battlefield, he said.

    The Navy and Marines have already begun testing the robots in their naval base, and Kressner expects to bring them to their base in 2017.

    The Marines are also getting help from their customers.

    Navy and marine carpet cleaner manufacturers are also helping the Marine Corps bring the technology to the public.

    Kesser said he and his team have been talking with military customers and contractors about how to integrate it.”

    I’m not sure what the exact timeline is.

    They’re like, ‘If you don’t integrate this, then we’re going to have a really bad day.'”


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