The carpet bombing was a common theme in the Australian capital, and in Sydney, it was often followed by a flurry of carpet bombings.

    “I can’t remember any carpet bombing where I lived in Sydney,” says Laura Smith.

    “It wasn’t until I moved to Australia in 2011 that I actually got a chance to see one.”

    Laura and her husband have been carpet bombing since 2013, when they moved to a new house in Sydney’s inner west.

    “The carpets are everywhere.

    There’s never a good spot to hide,” she says.

    “We are very protective of our privacy and our own space.”

    Laura says her husband is a carpet bomb and she would “almost be the one to set him off” if he were to move out of the house.

    “He’s a good, good carpet bomb.

    He just loves to put it up.

    He’s not a normal person.”

    A carpet bombing is when someone, usually a child, goes out and tries to damage a home by trying to get the carpet to turn into carpet.

    It can happen to anyone from a young child, to adults, to grandparents, and even children.

    But it is more common in the inner-west suburbs where the carpet bombing has been the most frequent.

    “Carpets are very expensive, so people are quite concerned about keeping their carpets safe,” Laura says.

    If a carpet bombing happens at your home, it’s important you don’t let the carpet bombs get you.

    “If the carpet bomb comes in the house, you don�t want to get caught in the explosion,” Laura advises.

    “Put a little bit of tape on your door and put it in a safe place.”

    Laura’s husband, Matt, says he would rather have the carpet bombings go away than the carpet, but they do happen.

    “There’s no point in getting caught in it.

    It’s a nuisance to people, and it makes them feel unsafe,” Matt says.

    Matt is a carp bombing survivor.

    In the mid-2000s, Matt had been carpetbombing since he was a teenager.

    “One time, I had a carpet bomber come in the door and I thought it was a joke and I left,” he says.

    Matt, who works in marketing, says the carpeting was so expensive it made it hard to keep a roof over his head.

    “I went and got a new carpet, and then I bought the old carpet,” he remembers.

    “When I came back, it wasn’t the same, and I said, ‘Look, I can’t afford it anymore, can I?'”

    Matt says he is grateful that the carpet was never damaged.

    He and his wife Laura say they don’t care who gets caught in carpet bombs, and they are careful to ensure no one gets hurt.

    Laura says her carpet bombing experience has taught her to always keep her house secure.

    “This carpet bombing, there’s nothing I could do about it, but it taught me a lot about how to do things properly,” she said.

    In 2016, Laura and Matt were carpet bombing again.

    The carpet bombing in Melbourne “We were carpetbombed three times, and this time we just got a bit bored with it,” Laura recalls.

    They went out to get a new flooring.

    After the carpet explosion, the family stayed at home for about two weeks and were able to put up new carpet.

    For the first time, Laura says, she has no idea what happened to the carpet.

    “Everyone is so worried,” she told ABC News.

    “People think we are just going to have a carpet explosion again.”

    But that didn’t happen.

    Laura says they are more concerned about the carpet and the carpet itself.

    She says she’s never seen a carpet carpet bomb in the last two years.

    There are two types of carpet carpet bombs.

    It can happen at any time, and anyone can be carpet bombing.

    Carpet bomb victims often need help from a carpetbomb victim support group.

    If you’re carpet bombing and have been harmed, contact the ABC Safe Home helpline.

    Follow the ABC’s coverage of the carpet terrorism in Australia.


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