An ancient fungus found in ancient Israel has been identified as the ancestor of the carpet beetle.

    The ancient fungus, which has never been seen in Israel, has been named Aethyrrhynchus floccus, or the ‘floating carpet beetle.’

    The fungus has been found in a cave at the western tip of the Golan Heights.

    Its discovery was made during a survey of the area in 2015, when a team of researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority found two caves that were covered in moss, which is the fungus’s natural home.

    The team noted that they found it in caves where it was known to thrive, and that it was likely there to survive the harsh winter weather.

    The fungus was also found in an Egyptian burial site in the Gush Etzion settlement, and in a Roman villa in Jerusalem.

    It was first identified in China in the late 1980s, and it was recently discovered in a Syrian cave.

    In its natural habitat, Aethyrs fungus lives underground, but it has been known to inhabit dry grasses in desert regions of Israel.

    It is now believed to be an ancestor of modern carpet beetles, which are known to grow in dry grasslands and have been found to be a threat to native species.

    Researchers say that the fungus is the oldest known fungus found, and is about 10 million years old.

    It also has the longest known history of survival.

    The findings of the cave in Israel were published this week in the Journal of Paleontology.

    The researchers believe that Aethys fungus lives in dry forests, where it can survive harsh winter temperatures and to thrive during dry periods, including those between June and September.

    Researchers are also concerned about its ability to survive in urban areas.

    Aethyrs fungus lives on grasses found in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, but in Israel it is found only in the northern desert, a region where there are no grasses.

    “In urban areas, Aephyrrhys fungi is a threat, and there is a high risk of disease,” said Dr. Yehuda Rehava, who was a researcher on the project and is now a professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

    “Its survival in urban settings may be dependent on how much protection we provide to these grasses.”

    The researchers hope that the finding will help to better understand how Aethryls fungus adapts to a wide range of habitats.

    “Our goal is to use the findings of this project to improve our knowledge of how the fungus adapt to different environments,” Rehav said.

    The research team is now working to determine how the fungi can survive under the harsh conditions in the desert.

    The Israeli government has pledged to study the fungus in a bid to improve its survival in the future.


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