A Victorian couple who use pet carpet cleaners said the use of the cleaner was “not a good idea” and said they’d have to “fight back” if they had to take it off.

    Key points:One man has been charged after a dog died from the carpet cleaner used on his front lawnTwo women say they were treated with “insensitive disrespect” and the use was “disrespectful”Three women have filed a complaint against pet cleaner company Aussie Custom Carpet cleaner, which has been accused of using “insensitivity” towards people who use the product to clean their carpets.

    A pet-care provider at a residential property in Westmead in Victorian state of Victoria, Robert Stoddart, told the ABC the company had no business using the cleaner on the property.

    “They should be ashamed of themselves.

    It’s an absolute disgrace,” he said.”

    It is about the way the carpet is laid, and it’s about the level of care that is provided.””

    It’s not just about the carpet.

    It is about the way the carpet is laid, and it’s about the level of care that is provided.”

    Mr Stoddard said the cleaning product had been used for many years and he had no intention of using it again.

    “I have no plans to use it again, because it is an insensitive thing to say,” he added.

    A spokesperson for Aussie Customs, which owns Aussie Pet Care in the Melbourne suburb of Westmeade, said the company would not comment on individual complaints, but said its policy was “to offer the best care to its customers”.

    “We work closely with our customers to ensure that we have the best possible product available for them, and we will always strive to provide the highest quality products available,” the spokesperson said.’

    The carpet is not a good thing’The spokesperson said the carpet was “designed to help people to remove stains and odours, so it does not remove odours or stains”.

    “However, it does remove dust, so if it gets into your eyes and you don’t want it there, we recommend you do not use it,” the statement said.

    Mr Stodart, who is from the Sunshine Coast, said he believed the carpet cleaning product was “a bad thing”.

    “I feel bad for them.

    It does remove stains, but it’s not good,” he told the BBC.”

    The carpet isn’t a good product.

    It doesn’t help to clean the carpets because it’s a synthetic product.”

    If you can’t remove the carpet, you’re going to make a mess, so I don’t think you can clean the carpet in any way.

    “Mr Westmeader’s wife, Joanne, also used the cleaner in the past and said she had “never had anything worse” than a stinky carpet.”

    When I first got the carpet cleaned it smelled terrible,” she told the broadcaster.”

    And then it was all cleaned up.

    It was a big mess, but then it’s cleaner, it’s better.

    “The spokeswoman said Aussie’s products were tested by a third party and that the company was “currently investigating the situation”.’

    It’s just not right’The spokeswoman told the Victorian ABC that Aussie had “not tested” the carpet cleaners used by Mr Stoddars wife and other neighbours.”

    We are still waiting for that testing,” the spokeswoman said.

    The spokesperson also said that Aussies products were not intended for “personal use”.”

    As a consumer of pet care products, it is not your business to take the product home to your pet,” the spokesman said.


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