New York’s carpet cleaning market is big enough that it could rival the industry in size, according to a new report.

    Creditors have already invested in carpet cleaning services, and some carpet cleaning firms have even signed licensing deals with New York State.

    But in a bid to get more customers, the city is now expanding its carpet cleaning offerings, according the New York Post.

    New York City is already home to several carpet cleaning companies, but there’s also a new carpet cleaning company with the same name.

    Carpet Cleaning Specialists, a subsidiary of the carpet cleaning giant, Carpet Cleaning, is launching a new service, which it calls the “Carpool Cleaning” service, according a press release.

    “New Yorkers are not only the most passionate about their carpet, but also have the most knowledge about their own carpet,” the press release reads.

    The new service will focus on cleaning up areas of carpet that are “dirty, dirty, dirty,” and then cleaning them up with a vacuum cleaner.

    While the new service is still in its infancy, it is a step in the right direction, according founder, Robyn Cope.

    “Cupboards are just not cleaned up in the way that carpet cleaners are,” she said.

    “So we’re really excited about the opportunity to really make the carpet cleaner accessible to New Yorkers.”

    Cope is the founder of CarpetSolutions, which also offers carpet cleaning to people who have a carpet job.

    Cope said she and her husband, Dan Cope, started the carpet cleaners business because they wanted to do the right thing for the carpet industry.

    Since launching in the fall, the new carpet cleaners have received rave reviews from carpet cleaning experts.

    Cattle and horses are the most common carpets, so carpet cleaners need to know where to look for those carpets.

    “The first carpet cleaning is usually in the house, but if you have a car, the carpets are in the garage or a lot of the areas in the yard,” Cope told ABC News.

    “We know what the carpet is, and we know where the carpet should be.

    And it’s really important to know what is in there, because if it’s not there, it will go into your home.”

    The company offers cleaning services in New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania and New York, according,

    The company has more than 200 locations nationwide.

    Carpet Cleaners is offering the service in select locations, such as apartments and condos.

    But Cope doesn’t expect the new company to be the only carpet cleaning business in New England.

    This is just one of the many carpet cleaning startup services in the works in New Hampshire, according Cope’s website.

    She expects that more carpet cleaning businesses will emerge in the state, including carpet cleaning in hotels, hotels, restaurants, retail, and homes.


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