If you’re planning to take your arcade furniture out for a spin, you’ll need to protect it from carpet and scratching.

    This article covers what you need to do to protect the carpet, what the carpet does, and how to keep it looking good.1.

    Make sure the carpet isn’t wet If your arcade floor has been soaking up the elements, there’s a good chance that the carpet may be drying out, which could damage it.

    This could be a big problem if you’ve had to deal with it for a while.

    Take some towels, a clean towel brush and a dryer to dry the carpet in, and then gently rub the carpet under water.2.

    Check the carpet is still damp If your carpet has dried up, it’s important to check that it is damp.

    If it’s not, you can use a towel or a damp sponge to get rid of the moisture.

    If the carpet doesn’t dry well, then you can try rubbing the carpet with a damp towel, a damp brush or a dry sponge to keep the moisture in.3.

    Check to make sure the surface of the carpet has not been scratchedThe surface of a carpet should be clean and free of scratches.

    If you’ve damaged the carpet by scratching it or trying to remove it, try removing it as quickly as possible.

    If your floor has not yet been thoroughly cleaned, it may be possible to scrape it clean with a sandpaper, or a soft cloth, to make it easier to clean later.4.

    Use a carpet protector to protect arcade carpetIf you’re going to take out your arcade game carpet to take it out for some quick fun, then it’s best to make the carpet as good as you can.

    It’s best if the carpet protector is a thick piece of cardboard, or if it’s very large, like a big round piece of plastic.

    If you have any questions about the importance of carpeting, please contact our specialist carpet repair specialists.


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