CABINET RENTAL and carpet cleaners are the big winners of the Brexit vote, but some carpet and tile makers are finding their stock is getting tough.CABINETS UK carpet, carpet cleaners, and carpet accessories are being sold under a “No-Buy Guarantee” as part of the “no-buy” campaign, and they are finding it hard to keep up with demand.

    A spokesperson for the carpet industry said:”We have seen a massive spike in demand, and we have been told we cannot keep up.

    It’s been clear to us that there is a big demand for carpet cleaners and carpet in our country and we want to be able to meet that demand.”

    The spokesperson said the “No Buy Guarantee”, also known as “no margin”, was introduced after the Brexit referendum.

    It means carpet cleaners will only be paid when they are delivered to the customer, and customers have to cover the cost of the cleaning.

    “Cabins UK is a leading supplier of carpet cleaners to all aspects of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

    We have a number of different brands, from carpet cleaners that are the most widely used and most affordable in the industry to carpet cleaners with a wider range of features, to those that are designed to provide an effective cleaning service,” the spokesperson added.

    Cabinets UK said its own supply chain was “stable”, and there was no reason to believe the new rules would stop the company from delivering to its customers.

    The spokesperson added:”The industry is resilient, and the No Buy Guarantees we have announced will ensure our supply chains are stable and that we can continue to provide a reliable carpet cleaning service to our customers.”

    A spokesperson from the UK’s largest carpet supplier said: “Our supply chain is stable and the current No Buy guarantee is being phased out.”

    A spokeswoman for a UK carpet supplier told Business Insider: “We will continue to offer carpet cleaners on a rolling basis as we have done in the past.”

    The No Buy guarantees have been in place since February 2017, so we believe the changes in the rules are not impacting our supply chain.


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