A carpet transition is a design that creates a new look and feel in a house or apartment.

    The basic idea is that the carpet transition provides a new, softer feel and texture to the space that has been previously saturated with the carpet.

    In many homes, the transition strips are placed on the floor or in a room that is not the living room.

    If you’re in a rental apartment or apartment with a lot of carpet squares, the transitions can be difficult to spot.

    But, if you have a closet full of carpet transition kits, you can spot the transition in seconds!

    Read more about carpet transition in our previous post.

    What are carpet transition boxes?

    Carpet transition boxes are small boxes that are used to place carpet transition panels in a home.

    They can be installed in a few different ways.

    They may be installed on the carpet mat, as a floor cover or floor tile, or in the same space as the carpet mats or floor tiles.

    They have three basic functions.

    The first is to make the transition panels more attractive.

    The second is to help the rug adjust to the carpet tiles or carpet mat.

    The third is to add a bit of texture to carpet transition matting and carpet transition stripes.

    The simplest and most common way to install a carpet transition kit is with carpet squares.

    In this case, the carpet panels are placed over a carpet mat or carpet tiles.

    You can also install carpet transition boards and carpet squares in any number of different ways, as shown in the photo below.

    The carpet squares will be installed with the rug in a position that is more comfortable and that provides a more even surface.

    If the rug is placed too high, the rug may not sit evenly on the rug.

    In addition, the panels may not stay in place properly, especially when the rug gets moved around the carpet matrix.

    In order to achieve the best result for the rug, the panel must sit in a comfortable, neutral position.

    You may have noticed in the carpet transitions above that the panels are on the outside of the rug mat or tile.

    That is because the panels sit on the mat or tiles and the carpet is already saturated with carpet transitions.

    Carpets are not designed to sit on each other.

    To avoid this, carpet transition box design must be made as simple as possible.

    The panels can be placed as one unit or a group of panels that are placed in a single room.

    You should be able to easily locate them, especially if they are placed outside the carpet and have a nice, neutral shape.

    The bottom panel should sit flush with the top panel and be placed so that the bottom panel can be removed from the rug and the top can be left in place.

    A second panel, usually on the opposite side of the carpet, is also placed over the rug or mat, and is not attached to the panel.

    To create the most comfortable transition for the mat, it is important to place the panel in a place where the mat will not move around the rug at all.

    The top panel should not be placed on top of the mat as it would make the mat feel like it is touching the carpet floor.

    To help the mat adjust to these panels, you will need to provide the rug with a cushioning system.

    The cushioning should be placed over both the mat and the rug so that it does not move, and to prevent the rug from scratching.

    If your rug mat is not lined with carpet transition mats, you may need to place a cushion over the mat.

    If you have any questions about carpet transitions or the carpet square technique, be sure to check out our article on the basics of carpet transitions, or check out the carpet kits in our selection of carpeting kits for rental apartments or apartments with a wide variety of styles.


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