My sister was left with a huge hole in her heart when her ex-wife, an experienced cleaner, left her to move into a new house.

    “It’s not my fault, it was just a stupid move by him,” Ms Wootton said.

    In February 2017, Ms Wotton, 28, was offered a job at the cleaners’ business.

    The company had just launched a new service, Red Carpet Dresses, and she was the only female employee.

    When she went to apply for the job, she found herself confronted by her former husband, who demanded to know why she was applying.

    She said she was not going to let him talk about his history.

    Ms Woottons ex-partner, who was also an experienced cleaning professional, had left her with a $10,000 hole in their pocket.

    It was the worst day of my life.

    I felt like I was about to fall down a hole, I just felt like he was just going to get out of the house,” she said.

    Ms Wottons sister was shocked by what she found when she went into the cleaning room.

    Mr Wootons face was bloodied and his eyes were bloodshot.

    Her sister had never seen anything like it.

    One of her daughters came in the room and saw Mr Wootts bloodied face.

    He said he had had a long relationship with her and he had never done anything like this before.

    I was just in shock,” she recalled.

    A day later, Ms Mowton received a call from a customer service representative, telling her that her sister was being offered a new job.

    Red Carpet Dress Dresses said it was a temporary move and the company would look into the issue.

    However, the customer service rep said the cleaning firm was aware of the allegations against Ms Wodtons and had acted to rectify the situation.

    By the end of the week, Mr Wotons daughter was devastated.

    Instead of offering her a job, the company had offered her a $25,000 lump sum.

    On Tuesday, November 3, Ms Smeeth was forced to return to work after a second cleaning incident.

    At the time, her husband, an unemployed father of two, was unemployed.

    After months of trying to work, Ms Yung was forced out of her home after the family received eviction notices.

    Within weeks, she had been given a $15,000 settlement.

    There are many other examples of domestic violence in Australian domestic violence shelters.

    For example, in July 2017, an Australian man was sentenced to two years in jail for beating his wife in front of her children, who were all five years old.

    Two years later, another man was jailed for domestic violence after the alleged abuse of a six-year-old girl, which he blamed on the child’s mother.

    Victims of domestic abuse often face stigma and abuse by their family members.

    According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Communications, there were approximately 8,000 domestic violence cases recorded by the NSW Domestic Violence Intervention Program in 2018, with a further 5,000 incidents classified as not involving violence.

    Since 2009, more than 1,500 women have died in domestic violence situations, according to the Coalition for Domestic Violence Awareness.

    But the NSW Government says there are no statistics to show how many of these deaths could have been prevented.


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