The most popular outdoor luggage for Indian travellers is the brand new carpet.

    With so many outdoor activities and the changing times of the year, the need for a carpet to keep them cool and dry is becoming more urgent. 

    India’s biggest airlines are also expanding their offerings to cater to the needs of the people who travel abroad. 

    The airlines have been pushing the Indian brand new “discount” carpet in their luggage, particularly in the wake of the terror attacks in New York, New Jersey, Paris, Brussels and Madrid.

    The new carpet offers a great deal of insulation, and the insulation is much better than the traditional carpet. 

    “The new carpet, which is very soft, is made from recycled paper pulp and bamboo and is made to last for years,” said Anshu Bhattacharya, president, India International Airlines.

    “The fabric is soft and breathable, and it has a long lasting life.”

    The new flooring is also made from bamboo and has been designed to last many years, he added.

    It also has a longer shelf life and is more resistant to scratching than a regular flooring. 

    It’s a very eco-friendly and eco-conscious carpet, said Anjali Kaur, president of The Hindu newspaper. 

    This new carpet also comes with the option of being upgraded to a premium option, which comes with a premium leather back and a premium woven leather strap. 

    Discounts are on the rise and this means a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to a standard carpet.

    However, for travellers who want to have a higher-end option, this can mean a much cheaper carpet.

    The airline has recently launched a new range of premium luggage, including the Baja Air luxury suite. 

    However, the company says this carpet is not just for Indian travelers, it can be useful for anyone with a home office or a business office. 

    For example, the new carpet is great for an office or an office suite, as it is very eco friendly and breathably soft.

    This can be a very good choice for office workers as they can have more insulation, he said. 

    But the airline does not offer a premium flooring for office travelers, he pointed out.

    “It’s not as good for business travellers, especially in the office, as you can’t use it in the same space as a desk or a work desk,” said Bhattcharya.


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