It’s hard to tell the difference between a carpet shark and a carp.

    But, as a new report shows, carpet sharks and carp can both be quite tasty.

    What is carpet shark?

    What is carp?

    Carp is a small freshwater fish that lives in coastal waters.

    Photo: Supplied Carp are known for their aggressive behaviour and they are thought to feed on algae, snails and other detritus in their habitats.

    They can also be found on the ground, where they may chew through vegetation.

    What are carpet sharks?

    A carpet shark has a distinctive black stripe across its body and a dorsal fin similar to a snout.

    They feed on fish, crustaceans and other marine life.

    They are found in coastal areas and can be found from Sydney to Darwin and on the South Coast of Australia.

    What’s carp?

    The Australian Government recently said carp were being wiped out in Australia’s waterways, prompting a nationwide call for a ban.

    In recent years, carpet shark populations have declined across Australia.

    It is believed carp can eat as many as 100 tonnes of food a day and the numbers of carp on the coast of NSW and Queensland have also fallen.

    In NSW, carp numbers have plummeted by nearly half since 2010.

    Can carpet sharks be eaten?

    They are known to feed off algae and other microscopic creatures.

    The colouration on carp varies from black to orange and they have a white dorsal fin.

    But they have no visible teeth.

    A carpet reefer can be eaten.

    Photo by David McNew/ABC Carp may not be the first animals to be identified as carpet sharks.

    The Australian Museum has an image of a carpet reef that was originally believed to be a carp but it turned out to be an Australian carpet shark.

    It’s unclear if carp can be killed with a net.

    They also are not native to Australia, though some are imported from China.

    What do carp eat?

    Carpet reefers are known as a fish that has a similar colouration to carp and can live for several years.

    They eat fish, crabs, snail and crustacean shellfish, but they also are known and can sometimes be found in the wild.

    The carp eat the fish because they cannot digest the shellfish themselves.

    They have a preference for shellfish such as carp.

    If you see a carpet marine, don’t be alarmed if it looks like it’s eating a carpet fish, it’s actually a carpet rat.

    The carpet rat is a common name for carp that is native to China.

    Carpet rat may be seen on the bottom of sandbanks and rocks.

    Photo/ABC carpet rat may look like a carpet crab.

    Photo copyright ABC The carpet rats have been spotted in the sand on beaches around the Great Barrier Reef.


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