In a new TV ad, a company that sells carpeting, carpeting accessories and bedding says the products it sells are “very misleading” and “not what you think you’re buying”.

    The company, Lowes Inc., says its carpet padding claims are backed by a survey of carpet buyers that shows consumers are more likely to buy low-fiber products than high-fibre products.

    In the new ad, called “The Comfort of Lowes” it says, “We want you to know that our carpet padding products are 100 per cent of the original.

    We’ve tested every product on the market to make sure we have the highest quality products for your comfort.”

    The company says that for consumers who are uncomfortable with the products, Lowess has a “proven, proven method” of improving the comfort of the products.

    It says the company also has the ability to tell you the exact amount of carpet padding that you need, when you need it and how to use it.

    Lowes says the survey results show that consumers have been paying less attention to the comfort-adding features and the “complicated” ingredients used in their products.

    The ad says the carpet padding is the product’s “most popular ingredient” and that consumers are “willing to spend more money for that same comfort.”

    Lowes has not responded to CBC News’ requests for comment.

    The company has said it has “reviewed all of the carpet pads that are currently available and we’ve found the product is very comfortable to wear.”

    It says its research showed that for those who are comfortable with the product, the price difference between the carpet pad and other products is not worth the extra cost.

    The survey Lowes conducted was based on the questionnaire used by manufacturers to measure customer satisfaction and comfort.

    It found that respondents were more likely than not to buy Lowes products if the product “is as good as advertised.”

    “For those of us who love to spend our money on our beds, our towels, our sheets, we don’t want to spend another dime on those products, and that’s why we do the research,” said Lowes marketing manager Joe Dolan.

    The results of the survey have been published online by the Consumer Federation of Canada.

    The organization has criticized the company for not disclosing how much the products are priced.

    “The carpet padding was not even listed in the survey, which means the consumer was not given a price range and the price of the product was not disclosed,” said the organization’s president, Steve Dickson.

    “We also think it’s very misleading that Lowes is still selling the products even though consumers are saying they’re not comfortable.”

    “This is a misleading campaign.

    This is a way of making it seem like there is a lot of interest in these products, when in fact there is little interest at all.”

    In the ad, Lowles says it has done “very thorough research” and says that it has the largest customer satisfaction survey in the carpet industry.

    Lowess says the results of its survey show that “most carpet buyers” want the products as described, and Lowes provides “proof that carpet padding meets their needs.”

    “We have seen that carpet pads are extremely popular with carpet buyers,” Dolan said.

    “So we did a large survey to see if carpet pads would be popular with buyers and we found they are popular with those carpet buyers.

    We think carpet pads offer consumers the most comfort, but we don’ think the comfort is the best part.”

    Lowess also says it offers “a complete and up-to-date information” about its products.

    “These are our customers and we take great pride in our product and the information we provide,” Dameron said.

    But the organization is concerned about how consumers feel about the product.

    “If you are not satisfied with the quality or the quality of the materials, the products you purchase, or the comfort or the durability, then you are very, very likely to be unhappy with your purchase,” Dickson said.

    Lowles has said that it will stop selling the carpet padded products and will be working with the consumer advocacy group, the Fairness Campaign, to find a solution to the dispute.

    The Fairness and Inclusion Campaign is calling on the company to “review its carpet pad claims” and send a letter to the group informing them of the new carpet padding product, which Lowes will replace with a cheaper product.

    The Consumer Federation is also calling on Lowes to release its financial information and to share its marketing strategy with the group.

    Lowell is also asking consumers to report any problems with the carpet product on its website.


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