The story of the carpetbug incident that caused a mass evacuation at a Maryland school in 1976 never happened.

    The story never happened because a few people, including the parents of the three students killed, refused to tell anyone.

    But there’s a little-known fact that could be worth digging into in the years to come.

    In a letter to parents, the head of the local public schools, Charles E. St. George, wrote that the carpet bug incident “may be the most important event in our history.”

    This week, The Baltimore Sun published a story about a man who claimed he saw a carpet bug crawl into his home in 1982.

    He was not the only one to claim the carpet bugs were responsible for the incident, but it has been widely known that the story of what happened is the story that never happened, according to Robert M. Lillie, author of “The Tragic Story of a Maryland Schoolbus.”

    Lillier told NBC News that the truth about the carpet-bug story “is not the story” because “people knew the truth, and it is very difficult to get people to come forward and tell you the truth.”

    There is a very good reason why this story is not the most talked about story in Maryland history.

    “It’s not the carpet,” Lillies said.

    “The carpet was an accident.”

    The carpet was just one of several carpet-related accidents at the school.

    The carpet at that time was a piece of carpet that had been soaked by the rain.

    The school bus had stopped on the side of the road, with the windows rolled down.

    A man walked up to the bus and started walking around the front of the bus, which was covered in mud.

    He then ran into the driver’s seat and began trying to pull the door open, trying to make it open.

    The bus was empty when the driver heard the man’s screams.

    When the bus driver noticed the man running, he pulled over and called for help.

    The man was found alive, but had a bloody nose and a cut on his head.

    The person who was running the bus was arrested, charged with animal cruelty, and eventually convicted of animal cruelty.

    The police officer who was driving the bus saw the man coming up the hill and said, “He’s running down the street.”

    The officer then stopped to help the man and he was taken into custody, according of the police report.

    The boy’s father, who was in the front seat of the school bus, saw the scene and called the police, according the police reports.

    After that, the boy was taken to the local hospital, where he died from his injuries.

    The other two students who were on the bus were taken to a local hospital.

    One of them died in hospital and was later pronounced dead, according a statement from the Baltimore County Coroner’s Office.

    The second boy was hospitalized and died later that night.

    A third boy was later found in the woods, but police said he did not survive.

    The fourth boy was not injured, but he later died, and police said his injuries were not considered suspicious.

    “We don’t have any other information on the other three,” the police statement said.

    The parents of three children who died in 1982 have been trying to find out what happened to their children, the Sun reported.

    The four students who died were all students who attended the same school.

    Two of the children, James R. Lavin, 12, and Michael A. Williams, 11, both died in the same day of exposure to the carpet.

    The family has filed a civil suit against the school district, the Baltimore Sun reported in 2012.

    The lawsuit also names the Maryland Public Schools for failing to properly train staff and supervise them in handling carpet bugs, according, NBC News reported.

    But Lilliel, the author of the book, said the story is about more than carpet bugs.

    “There’s an entire narrative that we need to be telling about carpet bugs in general and this is the most iconic story of carpet bugs,” Lills said.

    He said he believes the school board did not follow the school safety protocol for dealing with carpet bugs and that the incident should not have happened in the first place.

    “I think the whole thing was a bit of a mess, I think that’s probably what’s so remarkable about it,” Liller said.

    A lawsuit against the Maryland Department of Education was filed by Lilliol, but the lawsuit was later dismissed by a judge.

    “When a lot of the parents and students involved in this lawsuit were at the time of the incident they had all the evidence, they had no reason to believe that they were not going to win,” Lellie said.

    Lelliest told NBC that the Maryland Board of Education is looking into whether they should pursue criminal charges against the board or the state.

    “They have no jurisdiction over the board of education and that would be a terrible outcome,” LILLIER said.

    In 2012, Lilliest published


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